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The Martingale Collar is a special type of collar that helps a dog stay comfortable while being completely secure on their leash. They're great for all dogs and help maintain control while providing gentle guidance. 

What's a Martingale Collar & how does it work?


Gentle on the neck and will not crush the dog's throat
Tightens for control, then loosens for comfort

Tightens without choking or cutting of the dog's airflow
Safer than traditional choke collars as they do not continue to tighten around neck

Design prevents matting and damage of fur, and bald spots
Reduces risk of 'backing out' and escaping
Quickly and easily slides on and off
Adjustability provides custom fit which is great for growing pups

Great collars for training


What size Martingale collar do I need?
Take a measurement around the top of the dog’s neck directly behind the ears … this measurement corresponds directly with the Martingale collar size in the closed position. Then simply identify which collar size range suits your dog’s measurement best (if on the upper end of a size range or expect your dog to grow, you can ‘size up’, as long as their neck measurement is still within the range). 

In addition, it is highly recommended that you also measure around your dogs head (under jaw & inc. ears) and that way you can ensure the size range of the collar allows room for easily removal over their head!